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Bluewave Rapid Deodorization Device

In February of 2018 the team at Custom Orthotics of London Inc. was introduced to the Bluewave Rapid Deodorization Device. Blue wave Technologies created a patent-pending deoxidizing and germ killing system to clear hard to wash items in a convenient and timely manner. In this industry we fabricate and dispense orthotic devices, used constantly for activities of daily living. Inevitably they collect dust, dirt and other particles related to sweat and skin making them prone to odour-causing bacteria and microbes. We continually use the Bluewave machine to deodorize our clients devices, benefiting both the client and the work place!

Cranial Asymmetry

Cranial remolding helmets are used in children between the ages of 4-18 months to correct cranial asymmetry. The prevalence of cranial asymmetry in babies has increased since the American Academy of Pediatrics introduced the “Back to Sleep” program in 1992, encouraging parents to have their infants sleep on their backs. This has lowered the rate of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) by 40%. Combined with car seats and other carrying devices, the occurrence of cranial asymmetry has increased.

Outcome Measures in the Clinic

Custom Orthotics of London Inc. provides the highest level of care for our patient with a focus on improving quality of life through intervention with orthotic services. We are implementing “Best Practice” which focuses on providing a patient-centered approach. Our goal is to better understand your rehabilitation needs and goals so we can more effectively communicate and coordinate treatment plans between you and other members of your healthcare team.


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