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In the P&O industry we fabricate and dispense orthotic and prosthetic devices, used constantly for activities of daily living. Inevitably, they collect dust, dirt and other particles related to sweat and skin, making them prone to odour-causing bacteria and microbes. In order to provide the best service to clients, we asked, is there a way to deodorize and potentially disinfect orthotic devices? This would result in a reduction of the spread of germs, benefitting both the client and the work place.

In February of 2018 the team at Custom Orthotics of London was introduced to the Bluewave Rapid Deodorization Device (™). Bluewave Technologies created a patent-pending deodorizing and germ-killing system to clean hard-to-wash items in a convenient and timely manner. The system is confined to a lightweight, movable and easily-stored machine. Bluewave machines are currently being used in a growing number of P&O clinics in the United States. Early in spring of 2018 the first one in Canada was implemented in London, Ontario. Our objective for this poster presentation is to share our unique experience with the Bluewave Deodorization System to our peers and colleagues. We hope to share, as an anecdotal report with some survey data, what we feel are the pros and cons with the deodorization system, what can be improved and ultimately whether or not it benefits the work place and our clients.


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