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Twister Cables and Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFOs)
How to Put the Device on

1. Sit the child on bed or flat surface. Open twister cable belt and place behind her with the belt resting on her hips. Her hips and her knees should be at 90 degrees.

2. Fasten the belt as in the photos. The belt should not be tight and you should be able to insert your thumb down the back of the belt for clearance.

3. After fastening the belt, put the AFOs on as per usual. When applying the AFO, always provide an Achilles stretch first (put foot at 90 degrees) and slide the heel all the way to the back of the orthosis in the corrected position and hold in place snugly by the ankle strap.

4. Adjust the orthosis with the ankle strap so that it is in alignment with respect to the leg and do up the top-tibial strap snugly.

5. Shoes should always be worn with AFOs when standing or walking.

Twister Cable Release Buttons

To Disconnect the Twister Cables:
1. Push locking plate into unlocked position
2. Slide Keyhole and Mushroom plates into disengaged position
3. Separate the two plates

To Connect the Twister Cables:
1.Make sure locking plate is in unlocked position
2.Align the “mushrooms” on the mushroom plate with corresponding holes in keyhole plate and put the plates together – slide into engaged position
3.Push locking plate into locked position


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