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A clean snug undershirt must be worn under your orthosis. The undershirt will reduce friction, making application of the orthosis easier. It will aslo assist in reducing the effects of perspiration. The shirt should be wrinkle free and higher than the top of the orthosis. Cotton undershirts are recommended.

Cleaning Orthosis:
To clean the inside of your orthosis, use a we wash cloth and dry thoroughly with a towel. Rubbing alcohol has proven to work best. Clean at least once a day every day. Dry well before re-applying.

When applying the TLSO, ALWAYS ensure the t shirt is not wrinkled and it is pulled down below the edge of the brace. Place the torso to the back of the orthosis in the corrected position and hold in place snugly by the 3 straps.

*It is IMPORTANT to slowly wean into the orthosis, start wearing it gradually by increasing wearing time by 30 minutes every time the afos are re-applied.

*Once the orthosis is tolerated for a long enough period of time it can be worn all day without any concerns. There should be no pain resulting from the orthosis, and any discomfort should have dispersed by two weeks of gradual weaning into it at which time should be completely adjusted to the orthosis. If at this time, there is still discomfort or an adjustment is necessary PLEASE CALL for appointment.

*The orthosis should be worn every day for maximum effect, if it is not worn every day it will be more difficult to adjust to the position of correction. As well, if there is any long period of time during which it is not worn, due to illness or holidays, then start wearing it gradually again to insure tolerance is built up again.

*If there is redness which remains or redness over a bony area, first make sure that the orthosis was applied correctly.

*If the redness remains and does not disappear with 30-40 minutes and was not due to the incorrect application, an adjustment may be necessary. Please call to make an appointment and provide details of the problem you are experiencing.


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