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Below are testimonials from satisfied clients, parents & healthcare professionals.

Thank you  to Custom Orthotics.  Dawn Turner and her  team at Custom Orthotics have given me my life back. About twenty years ago I  was referred to Dawn’s care  to deal with  problems  associated with congenital foot issues. I couldn’t walk without pain and I was increasingly forgoing activities and travel.  Painful arthritis was further limiting my outlook and enjoyment of Life.
In Dawn you find a rare combination of competence  and compassion. She and her team have given me a new optimism about what the future now holds. This past summer I traveled on the trip of a lifetime to Italy. Walking long days, on uneven surfaces  was now possible only because of the patiently crafted orthotics and foot ware she has continually provided. My activity level permits an active pain free retirement with more trips now possible.Without her, they would not be. Its clear that I value what she has brought to my life: however I admire her for her generosity and what she has brought to others. By donating her time and considerable skills she has enriched the lives of children here and in other counties. Changing peoples lives in such a positive manner is a truly amazing gift.
I am so very fortunate to have her skill and commitment to rely on. I look forward to many more years of her care.

~ Edward Morris


Dawn Turner has been outfitting me in Custom Orthotics as a treatment for flat feet and foot pain for over a decade. In my 50s, I teach adults and this often involves 10 hour days on my feet plus travelling from city to city by air in the evening. I never wore my orthotics while working as I couldn’t find nice looking shoes. After years of expressing concern about not wearing my orthotics for work, she found some really nice shoes that looked great and fit my orthotics. This past fall, I did a 2 week marathon – on my feet all day and most of the evening for over 14 days. The only thing that wasn’t tired and sore at the end of it were my feet. Thanks Dawn – I’m so grateful!

~ S.M.


10 years ago my feet, legs and back were reborn! That’s when I met Dawn at Custom Orthotics. It was painful to walk at work, due to unforgiving floors. And it was uncomfortable during recreation as well. Thanks to Dawn it’s a pleasure to walk, play, and work again. Many thanks to Custom Orthotics.

~ Dan D. – Age 65 years young


From lifts, to orthotics, to braces, Custom Orthotics of London Inc. has been there every step of the way. Assisting me with modifications to sporting equipment, I have been able to stay in the game. Thanks so much Custom Orthotics of London Inc.

~ Victoria Player


Our son had Plagiocephaly ( Flat Head Syndrome ) and at the age of 8 months he received his helmet. His head shape changed dramatically over the course of his treatment. Seven months later he has completed his time with having to wear his helmet and we have no regrets. The staff at Custom Orthotics of London Inc. are very friendly and professional. We will miss visiting Dawn and her team every two weeks.

~ Kate White


I have both used and prescribed Orthotics with Dawn for at least 20 years. In my opinion she is a caring, capable,professional and provides first rate service to me and my patients.

~ Dr. R Wainwright


I highly recommend Custom Orthotics of London Inc. to an person requiring orthotic devices or aids. Staff treat clients in a professional, courteous and friendly manner. Dawn MacArthur-Turner makes certain that all orthotic aids are properly fitted and comfortable to wear. From initial consultation to final fitting and adjustment, I have been totally satisfied by my experience at Custom Orthotics of London Inc.

~ Robert Trowell
Ingersoll, Ontario


I’m so thankful to Dawn and her team at Custom Orthotics! My son Nicholas had plagiocephaly due to lying in one spot for too long as a preemie with many health complications. We met with Dawn when Nicholas was a few months old and began helmet therapy at 6months to reshape his head. We had the option of choosing a pattern for his helmet or to have it custom painted by a local artist. Dawn saw Nicholas every few weeks over a period of 7 months and the therapy made a significant difference in the shape of his head, he now had a round head again! Dawn was excellent when it came to interacting with Nicholas and took the time to engage him at every appointment. I wasn’t sure how Nicholas would like the mould process but Dawn was fast and had toys on hand to keep Nicholas occupied. Barb was very pleasant to deal with and made every attempt to schedule us around our other numerous appointments. Thank you to the whole team at Custom Orthotics for making a significant impact on Nicholas’ young life!

~ Nicholas