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flare can be added to the soles of a shoe to broaden the base of support mediolaterally and aid in biomechanical alignment of the foot/ankle complex. 

A rockered sole at the heel or toe can be added to shoes to relieve stress in the ankle and toe joints as it aids in toe roll over forward progression during gait.

A wedge can be added to the sole of the shoe to modify the ankle angle correctly align the ankle joint in the frontal plane. It reduces stress at the knee and ankle joint in individuals with supinated or pronated ankle foot complexes. 



lift can be added externally or internally to the sole of the shoe to provide relief of stress on the patient’s pelvis and spine by equalizing equalize leg length discrepancy. It is beneficial for people with structural or functional leg length differences, scoliosis or pelvic imbalances following surgery.​

Velcro closures can be extended on added to shoes with pre-existing laces to aid in fastening the shoes. Shoes with laces can be modified to incorporate Velcro closures while maintaining the lace appearance.​

Pull tabs can be added to the back of the shoe to aid in donning and doffing.​





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