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A clean sock must be worn under your orthosis. The sock will reduce friction, making application of the orthosis easier. It will also assist in reducing the effects of perspiration. The sock should be wrinkle free and higher than the top of the orthosis. Cotton socks are recommended.

Low top, lace-up athletic style shoes with a flat bottom work best. Remove the insole when possible to create more room for the orthosis.

Suggested footwear: New Balance Etonic, Asics, Van/DC’s – skate boarder shows, stride rite. Extra depth shoes and sandals can be orders and purchased/

*It is IMPORTANT to slowly wean into the foot orthotics, start wearing it gradually by increasing wearing time by 60 minutes every time the foot orthotics are reapplied.

*Once the foot orthotics are tolerated for a long enough period of time it can be worn all day without any concerns. There should be no pain resulting from the orthosis, and any discomfort should have dispersed by two weeks of gradual weaning into it at which time should be completely adjusted to the orthosis. If at this time, there is still discomfort or an adjustment is necessary PLEASE CALL for an appointment.

*The foot orthotics should be worn every day for a maximum effect, if it is not worn every day it will be more difficult to adjust to the position of correction. As well, if there is any long period of time during which it is not worn, due to illness or holiday, then start wearing it gradually again to insure tolerance is built up again.


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