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Charitable Work

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Custom Orthotics of London Inc. volunteers in the Paediatric Orthotics clinic in Jamaica. We are always looking for gently used orthotics to be donated to our Jamaica Paediatric clinic.

Please call 519-850-4721 or contact us if you are able to donate your used orthopedic devices.

Dawn MacArthur Turner orthotic specialist has been coming to Negril, Jamaica ,West Indies for the past two and a half years to see patients in our paediatric orthotic clinic. She pays her own airfare and is hosted by the Riu Hotel and Resorts.


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The clinic is a part of the resort outreach program which help kids with lower extremity deformities. The kids come from all over the island to see us only when Dawn is here so she can access them and fit them with orthotic (braces) which she also donates to the clinic. She visits three or four times per year when her own work in Canada allows her to. At each visit she comes laden with donated things for the clinic eg., shoes,orthotics,socks, padding etc.etc.


Most of the kids we see at her visit are from very poor families and cannot afford to buy the braces so they are left without been seen which makes the deformity worse. The kids are sent to us through a referral form system from the children’s hospital,doctors,physiotherapists, or neurologists on the island.


Dawn will see about 45 kids at each of her visit over a three day period starting clinic at 9am and finishing at 6 or7pm with only a very short break for a drink. She will not stop until all the kids are fitted with braces that she also modifies in the clinic’s workroom.


This clinic is free to all who visit therefore we are very over subscribed and are always getting new referrals. There are over two hundred now on our books who are repeats and we have seen vast improvements in their deformities with the help of the braces.


The parents are so,so grateful and are often in tears of joy when they see Dawn and cannot thank her enough.


This is the only clinic of its kind on the island and is well appreciated by all who visit.


Thanks to Dawn and her familiy for volunteering their time to help the children and their families in Jamaica.


Thank you Dawn and hope we can continue to work together in helping others.


Elaine Allen-Bradley RN,BSc(hons)




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